Bird Netting Keeps Birds Away and Protects Gardens

Bird netting is made of UV stabilized materials, which can resist the UV rays for long lasting and durable. It have different materials and types, the different mesh size can assure the bird netting prevent almost all sort of birds. Bird netting is main used as the protection net in the gardens, vineyards, orchards to protect crops, fruit of plants from birds. It can also used in the architectures to prevent bird from nesting, perching and dropping. Used in the ponds, bird netting can keep the leaves, debris and herons away from ponds and keep the water clean.

What types of bird netting can we supply?

    Extruded bird netting can prevent pigeons from entering the residences, vineyards and other places
  • Knotted bird netting. Knotted bird netting is constructed from heavy duty, high density polyethylene or nylon strands twisted to form rugged, strong twines. The twines are then mechanically joined together with strong knots, heat treated and then pressure-stretched for maximum strength.
  • Knitted bird netting. Knitted bird netting is a netting made from high-density polyethylene monofilament yarns that are knitted into an open mesh fabric. This produces a lightweight, UV resistant, durable fabric that resists rips tears and abrasions.
  • Extruded bird netting. It is made of UV stabilized high density polyethylene or polypropylene with high strength and various mesh size. It is the most economical type of all the bird nettings.
  • Garden netting. Garden netting can prevent birds from entering and eating the fruits, vegetables and other plants.
  • Butterfly netting. Butterfly netting can protect the cabbages from white cabbage butterfly and other pest birds.
  • Bat netting. Bat netting can keep the bats away from the resistances or any opening areas.
  • Pigeon netting. Pigeon netting can prevent pigeons from perching, nesting and dropping in the balconies, roofs and other places.
  • Hail netting. Hail netting is a resilient and high UV stabilized netting, it can protect fruit and orchard foliage from hail damage.
  • Nylon netting. Made of supreme quality 100% copolymer nylon, nylon bird netting is strong, durable, UV stabilized, water and rot proof. The main type is knotless and knotted pattern.


  • UV stabilized materials for long lasting and durable.
  • Humane ways to exclude birds without damage them.
  • Different mesh size can excludes almost all sort of birds.
  • Various types to satisfy different requirements.
  • Equal mesh size can keep pest birds out and allow pollinated insects, air and moistures in.
  • Different colors can mixed with the surrounding environments and is nearly invisible.


  • Bird netting can be used in the gardens, vineyards or orchards to protect the crops, fruits and plants from eating and damaging by the pest birds.
  • It is used in the architectures, residences, offices to prevent birds from perching, nesting or dropping.
  • Bird netting can also be used in the ponds to keep leaves, debris and herons away from ponds and keep the water clean.
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Hot Sale Products

A piece of diamond nylon bird netting
Nylon bird netting has high quality, anti-corrosive and dust proof features to protect buildings and residences from birds entering and perching.
A piece of black knotted bird netting
Knotted bird netting with different mesh sizes can prevent almost all the bird species from architecture, agriculture and aquaculture.
A piece of black diamond knitted bird netting in the white background
Knitted bird netting with different colors, types and mesh types to protect gardens, ponds and prevent birds, pest insects, leaves and debris.
A piece of diamond extruded bird netting
Made from UV stabilized HDPE or PP, extruded bird netting has different types and sizes to protect fruit, vegetables and ponds from birds


Why We Need the Bird Netting?

For the pest birds, pigeons or bats, bird netting is the most economical and efficient way to keep birds away without damage them.