Why We Need the Bird Netting?

Two strawberries are eaten by the birds.
Birds will eat the strawberries without any protection in the harvest seasons

Have you met these troubles in your garden?

When you plant your seeds in the spring, you will start to expecting sprouting. You must take care of the young seedlings as they are small and vulnerable. But when you are absent, the bird come, they plucks them out of the ground one by one. In the harvest seasons, the birds come in your gardens, vineyards or orchards and peck on your strawberries, tomatoes, crops, vegetables and fruits. Please don’t ignore their destructive power. If you expose them in the air, maybe you would harvest nothing at last.

Have the pigeons, bats or other birds troubled you?

Nowadays, the major problem is pigeons or bats in many areas. They get easy access from open plumbing ducts to find good nesting area on the pipe and inside the ducts. They make nest and lay eggs there. There is a big problem of bird droppings inside the ducts which can not be easily cleaned and the droppings emit a very foul smell. Many dead pigeons may cause large presence of maggot or other insects in the duct areas. The pigeon nets will release a type of fungus that cause lung diseases. Same troubles may happen on the balconies or roofs. Pigeon bring not the peace but the droppings and diseases.

The balcony is full of pigeon droppings
The pigeons droppings is difficult to clean and with virus

Have these things occurred in your ponds?

To fit your house design, you build a pond in you yards and buy some fishes for it. All thing seems beautiful and pleasant. But troubles are coming. Herons come to your pond and eat up all your fishes. Leaves and debris dropped into the water, and the water become dirty. Children play around the pond and accidentally fall into the pond.

How we solve these problems?

There are several ways to solve it. Such as pesticides, bird scaring or bird spikes.

Maybe the pesticides is the first choice to fight with pests for the farmers. But it is not economical and health. Pesticides may contact with the fruit or vegetables, so if people eat them, it will hurt the human body. 

A heron is picking up a fish from water
Herons may eat up all your fishes in the ponds

Bird scaring is the dispersal of birds using stimuli, which will emit a sound connected with predator birds or distress calls to makes them uncomfortable. But not only the birds but also the peoples feel it is noisy and uncomfortable. 

Bird spike is designed to exclude the birds through the angled wires. But the wires may hurt the birds. As we all know, in the food chain, some birds are beneficial to human - they will eat the pest birds. But the bird spikes may hurt them and it may cause a loss to human beings.

Bird netting is the most economical and efficient way to control birds.

A piece of bird netting and two strawberries
Garden netting can prevent the birds from eating the strawberries

They will protect your gardens, orchards or vineyards. Different types of bird netting can fit your different requirements, whatever you canopy or drape over the plants, or you need the permanent or temporary protection. Bird netting is UV stabilized netting with long lasting and durable features. It can use year by year. Besides, they are soft enough to protect the plants or fruit without damage them. The equal mesh size can prevent the pest birds in and allow the pollinating insects, air and moistures in.

Bird netting is also an humane way to keep bird away, for example the pigeon netting. You can installed it on the balconies, or anywhere you want to keep the birds away. Pigeon netting will prevent the birds from entering, perching and nesting on the places.

Bird netting can installed over the pond to prevent the leaves and debris from entering the water and keep the water clean. The small mesh size can also prevent the herons from eating the fishes. What’s more, the pond netting has high tensile strength, it can protect children from falling into the pond.

With so many benefits to our life, bird netting is the best choice for us. Just contact us to know more information about that.

A piece of bird netting is installed on the balcony
Pigeon netting can prevent pigeons from nesting or dropping on the balcony
A piece of bird netting is installed over the pond
Pond netting can protect the pond from debris, leaves and herons

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