Nylon Bird Netting is High Quality and High Toughness

A piece of diamond nylon bird netting
Mesh types of the nylon bird netting can be diamond or square

Made of supreme quality 100% copolymer nylon, nylon bird netting is strong, durable, UV stabilized, water and root proof. The main types are knotless and knotted pattern. Colors are mainly transparent, black and white. Mesh types can be diamond or square. Sizes of the nylon netting are mainly 1” and 1-1/2”. Net widths are various. Also, you can cut the net into smaller pieces as needed. When cut, the knot will not unravel. Nylon bird netting is designed to exclude the pest birds or other birds. It is commonly used as pigeon netting to protect buildings, offices and schools from bird attacking.


  • Material: UV stabilized copolymer nylon.
  • Mesh type: Diamond or square for knotted and knotless.
  • Mesh size: 5/16”, 5/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 1-1/2”, 2”.
  • Width: 2-12 m
  • Length: 5-50 m.
  • Color: White, black, translucent, other colors are available.


  • Permanent solution. Nylon bird netting has a mesh size from 5/16” to 2”, which makes the net available for pigeons and other birds. It can keep the birds away forever once it is installed.
  • Long lasting. The material is 100% copolymer nylon which is UV stabilized, extremely strong and durable. It can also resist to the water, rot, corrosion and dust.
  • Durable. Nylon bird netting is high toughness and high tensile strength. It is durable than other plastic nettings.
  • Humane. Nylon bird netting has a soft construction, which is just prevent birds from perching or entering the windows and other places without damaging them.
  • Aesthetic. The transparent color can be mixed with the surrounding environments, which is no blocks of view and nearly invisible.

Nylon bird netting is designed for a strong barrier of buildings, offices, residential complexes and open air to keep bird away, such as pigeon netting, bat netting and so on. It can be installed over the pond to prevent leaves and debris from entering the water.

Nylon bird netting is installed over the fishpond and a bird is catched
Nylon bird netting can be installed over the fishpond to prevent bird from eating the fish
Nylon bird netting is installed on the roof
Nylon bird netting can be installed on the roof to prevent bird from nesting or perching

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