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Product List

A piece of diamond nylon bird netting
Nylon bird netting has high quality, anti-corrosive and dust proof features to protect buildings and residences from birds entering and perching.
A piece of black knotted bird netting
Knotted bird netting with different mesh sizes can prevent almost all the bird species from architecture, agriculture and aquaculture.
A piece of black diamond knitted bird netting in the white background
Knitted bird netting with different colors, types and mesh types to protect gardens, ponds and prevent birds, pest insects, leaves and debris.
A piece of diamond extruded bird netting
Made from UV stabilized HDPE or PP, extruded bird netting has different types and sizes to protect fruit, vegetables and ponds from birds
A piece of extruded yarn garden netting
Made from UV stabilized materials, garden netting has different types and opening sizes to keep pests out and let sunshine and pollinators in
A finger compared with the heavy duty butterfly netting hole size
Made from UV stabilized polyethylene, butterfly netting has soft and heavy duty types. It can protect the brassicas from cabbage white butterflies.
A piece of nylon knotted bird netting in the black background
With different types, materials and sizes, pigeon netting can prevent pigeons from nesting or dropping in balconies, roofs and other architectures.
A piece of extruded bat netting
Made from UV stabilized materials, bat netting is used for preventing bats from your houses without hurt them. There are three types of bat netting.
A piece of white raschel knitted hail netting
Made from high density polyethylene, hail netting has three different types to prevent hails from damaging the crops and increase the crop yields.
A piece of black extruded pattern pond netting
With different styles and sizes, pond netting can protect pond from leaves, debris and herons and keep the water crystal clear.