Extruded and Knitted Garden Nettings to Control Birds

In harvest season, the greedy birds presumptuously eat the ripe tomatoes, berries and grapes. If there is no any protection, you may get nothing. Bird control is a serious question and need to be solved immediately. Garden bird netting is the effective and economical ways to solve it .

Garden netting provides a quick and economical way to protect gardens, berry bushes, row planting, tomatoes, seed beds and more. Garden netting can prevent pests from entering and allow the sun and pollinators in.

Garden netting can protect flowers, vegetables, fruit and berries from pest birds with knitted yarn garden netting and extruded yarn garden netting.

A piece of extruded yarn garden netting
The color of extruded yarn garden netting is black
  1. Extruded Yarn Garden Netting
    It can be used where low visibility and economy are more important than durability. It is ideal for protecting berry plants from birds. Available in sizes more suitable to the house gardens and commercial gardens. It can protect row planting of grapes, berries, row vegetables and even entire gardens.

    • Material: UV stabilized polypropylene.
    • Mesh size: 1/4”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 5/8”.
    • Net width: 17’.
    • Net length: 50’, 100’, 150, and 200’.
    • Color: Black.
    • Features:
      • UV stabilized.
      • Nearly invisible.
      • Strong but lightweight.
      • Variety in different sizes.
      • No toxic and humane pest control.
      • Soft and no tangle.
  2. A piece of knitted yarn garden netting
    The color of knitted yarn garden netting can be black or natural green
  3. Knitted Yarn Garden Netting
    Economical 3/4” diamond knitted yarn garden netting that stretches in length and width to list sized. Protect row planting such as berries, tomatoes, grape arbors, seedling and more.

    • Material: UV stabilized high density polyethylene.
    • Mesh size: 3/4”.
    • Net width: 14’.
    • Net length: 50’, 100’, 150, and 200’.
    • Color: Natural green and black.

      It is available in premium and super premium grades.

      Premium netting can last 3 or more growing seasons.

      Super premium nets can last 6 or more growing seasons.

    • Features:
      • Special UV stabilization.
      • Diamond structure can be stretched in length and width.
      • Non-abrasive knitted mesh is easy on grapes, berries, etc.
      • Soft yarn nets are gentle on the crops.
      • Rip-Stop construction prevent tears from spreading.
      • High density HDPE knitted yarn are durable and soft.
      • More flexible and easier to handle than extruded plastic nets.
A hand is holding a strawberry which is compared with the hole size of the extruded yarn garden netting
Extruded yarn garden netting can protect the strawberry from birds
The hole of a piece of knitted yarn garden netting is compared with the strawberry
Knitted yarn garden netting has small mesh size to resist small birds

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